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Audio Realms release of Monster is July 2015


The above image is for the Audio Realms ad to be placed in the June 2015 issue of Publisher's Weekly (inside front). I never thought I would see one of my books advertised in such a prestigious magazine as Publisher’s Weekly. Another tip of the hat to my publisher: Samhain Publishing. Of course, this isn’t the first magazine I’ve seen Monster displayed—others include: HorrorHound and Famous Monsters Magazine—both top publications in the horror genre.


But the point of this post is not to show off the great ad for Audio Realms. It is to announce that Monster will be released as an audiobook in July 2015. I have expanded my little corner of the ad to help highlight the month. When the audiobook becomes available for purchase I will add links to the Monster Books page. I havent heard it yet myself and I dont know who was used for the voice over (too bad Boris Karloff is dead), so thats something we will have to find out together.

Review of Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon: Six Trick-or-Treat Thrillers by Roma Gray


Publication Date: March 8, 2015


The path into darkness begins here... 
How often have you read a short story and wished you could see what happened after the big ending? In this book, the ending is just the beginning as each short story represents a chapter in an upcoming Roma Gray novel or novel series. 
SECTION 1: A collection of six Halloween-flavored short stories. The stories are a mixed assortment of spooky, action adventure, and horror tales. 
SECTION 2: Interviews with the fictional characters giving the reader the inside scoop on their upcoming novels. 
Never let the adventure end... 
1. FEAST ON FAT TUESDAY: At Mardi Gras, a vampire realizes he has become the prey. 
2. AND THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED: The discovery of Atlantis changes the world in ways no one could have ever anticipated...or wanted. 
3. SUMMER VACATION: A teenager discovers that not only is black magic real, it’s also very unpredictable. 
4. THE INVISIBLE CARRIER: A deadly plague is spreading through the Pacific Northwest, but no one can figure out how. It might just be the truth is too strange to believe. 
5. UNNATURAL DISASTERS: Governments are isolating disaster sites from the rest of the world. What are they trying to hide? 
6. WILL THE REAL MONSTER PLEASE STAND UP? A rampaging mummy, two insane cats, and a secret government agency. For archeologist Alistair Black, it’s turning into a very strange night.


Do you remember the TV shows: Tales from the Darkside or Creepshow; the Night Gallery or even the Twilight Zone? Then this is the book for you!  I have always loved horror anthologies and reading the stories written by Roma Gray in Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon: Six Trick-or-Treat Thrillers was a blast. Six very unique and compelling stories, some had a classic theme with a modern twist, and others, well, you’ll have to read them for yourself (no spoilers here, sorry). Is it right to compare horror tales I loved watching as a kid to stories I’ve read as an adult—well, I can’t help it. Roma Gray’s writing was so vivid that I could see them play out in my mind as if I was watching them. They were a real treat. (See what I did there?) And it gets better! Each of the stories, which can definitely stand on their own, are really the first chapter of their own upcoming books. I look forward to reading the complete books to find out where the characters of these stories go from here.  It should be very interesting and fun.

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars.

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