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Writer's Showcase.

ISBN: 978-0-59521-330-6
Trade Paperback & Ebook
Dimensions (in inches): 6.00 x 9.00 x 0.71
Pages: 264


The terror began one autumn night when Jack Railey’s young daughter Sarah, did not return home. Was it kidnapping, brainwashing, or worse?  Suddenly Jack is caught up in a harrowing scenario of betrayal, terror, and death, when he learns she has joined a cult. Their leader, Kahir, is a man some call kind, others call evil–some say he protects children, others say he destroys them.

Jack is asked to join a small band of parents led by a man named Anthony Bane–their aim, to regain their children from the clutches of this Messiah. Agreeing to meet with these strangers for his wife’s sake and his own curiosity, Jack soon finds that they have their own secrets–secrets that lead to dangerous consequences.

After seeing things thought impossible, Jack finally understands that Kahir possesses powers of dangerous proportion...and deadly force. Anyone opposing him would meet a grim fate–a fate pulled from their deepest fears.

If Jack Railey wants his daughter back, he’ll have to fight a battle unlike any other he has ever fought before. To win he must release his own power...he must face his dark side...he must learn the secrets of the Messiah....


"...another suspenseful tale from Keith Ferrario.  ...offering us a unique tale.  Messiah is a mystifying tale that leaves you on the edge of your seat grasping for more...a story of suspense and literally grabs you and pulls you into the story."

–Editorial Review,

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